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Machine Learning Dictionary Chrome Extension

It’s an understatement to say that machine learning terminology can be slightly confusing. To produce top performing machine learning models, a data scientist needs to know high level terms from various subjects. There are terms in science, engineering, DevOps, math, statistics and more. It’s fair to say that not every data scientist has a degree in all listed subjects, and may be familiar with a term, but never had a thorough explanation.

We get it. No one wants to spend time flipping through double sided flashcards when you could just as well be cleaning data or writing algorithms. Especially when it comes to machine learning concepts. They can be complex to unpack, and often you’ll find terms defined using other complex terms. But, understanding these concepts can help you better understand machine learning, and the theorem responsible for transforming your business.

We decided that studying machine learning terminology doesn’t need to be exhaustive. Just a term a day can broaden your knowledge of machine learning, and help you better communicate with your team. In an effort to make machine learning and deep learning terminology slightly more digestible, we made a fun machine learning dictionary extension for your Chrome browser.

Machine Learning DictionaryIntroducing the ML Dictionary Chrome Extension!

The ML Dictionary is comprised of 200+ machine learning and deep learning concepts, all the way from Active Learning, to Zero Shot Learning. Now, you can download the Chrome Extension, and gradually sift through hundreds of machine learning concepts per day.
ML Dictionary Chrome Extension

The goal of this simple Chrome Extension is to help data scientists build their knowledge in the academic field of machine learning and deep learning in an easy way. In the case of, our entire product revolves around machine learning. It was imperative for the entire team to understand the nuances of machine learning, even if they weren’t able to build a model themselves. And while it’s been used internally as a learning tool, we wanted to make the ML Dictionary available to all people interested in broadening their knowledge of machine learning and deep learning concepts. We hope this little extension will spark a bite sized interest in machine learning, and show that machine learning doesn’t have to be so intimidating.

The ML Dictionary was made possible by the talented members of the AI Internship. The AI Internship program is a summer internship of select local students of computer science and data science. Throughout the two months of employment they will embark in many machine learning projects. The first of their projects was this ML Dictionary.

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